About Brian

A little bit about Chef Brian

Chef Brian Arnoff was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY but now resides in Beacon. He is a restaurateur with a simple yet profound mission: to serve delicious, affordable food that makes guests want to return to week after week.

This is why we’ve decided to work with Brian in developing some amazing recipes that you can use in combination with our products. You see, like many of us, Brian was a relatively picky eater as a child. However, that didn’t deter Brian from delicious food, it just made him more curious to develop his own pallet and discover what he actually did like. That youthful uncertainty known as being picky quickly vanished when Brian visited Italy at the ripe age of 13. While visiting Italia to see his grandparents Brian was introduced to clams for the first time and fell in love.

Brian studied hospitality at Boston University and was taught in-part by renowned chef Barbara Lynch, who later offered Brian a job for the opening of her Italian restaurant, Sportello. From there, he was inspired to learn more, and so he went back to Italy to study at the Apicius International School of Hospitality, where he was taught the timeless art of making handmade pasta.

These formative years led Brian to his current path, where he is now the owner of The Kitchen Sink – a restaurant in Beacon, NY. Kitchen Sink offers a brilliant combination of both unique and traditional dishes, and they pride themselves on using local ingredients and modern cooking techniques.

“We like to put our spin on the classics, while pushing to create new ones. Farm to table isn’t a catch phrase for us, it’s a reality. We feature produce from our own family farm and work hard everyday to get as many ingredients from the beautiful Hudson Valley as we possibly can.” – Brian Arnoff


Brian's Restaurant, "Kitchen Sink"