From Holiday Hurdles to Hemp Happiness: Improving Your Mood and Enjoying the Moment.

The holidays are around the corner.  For some people, this is the most exciting time of the year.  For many, it’s challenging.  There’s a ton of activities you must tackle, like interacting with difficult family members, managing expectations, juggling commitments, cooking preparations and breathing.

Frenzied holiday antics can force introverts to hide in basements.  Even for extreme extroverts, the holidays may be emotionally, psychologically, and physically draining.  There are too many circles converging.  It can manifest in anxiety, insomnia, over-eating, stress, and depression.  Luckily, there are functional remedies and easy strategies to help defeat holiday obstacles.  One excellent way to help you jump the holiday hurdles is full-spectrum hemp oil. (And, while we’re at it, we will share others with you too!)

“I’m an over-thinker. My over-active mind manifests in anxiety. CBD makes me more relaxed, less worried, and I’m not anxious all the time. CBD really helps with my mental clarity.” –– Adam K., Licensed Psychiatrist, Age 33

Full-Spectrum CBD oil (a.k.a full-spectrum hemp oil) ::

Mounting evidence shows that CBD, one type of cannabinoid (and there are around 200), may help with many physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychological ailments.  Full-spectrum hemp oil includes many different naturally occurring cannabinoids on the hemp plant, including CBD.

Humans have endocannabinoids throughout their body, including skin, immune cells, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, several organs, and more!  This elaborate system is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  That sounds about right!

It’s connected to many of our body’s processes like pain, sleep, stress, mood, appetite, and so much more!

5 Ways CBD May Help You Get Through the Holiday Season ::

CBD oil interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Evidence indicates it can help in the following ways.

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve mood and decrease depression
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve insomnia and sleep disorders

“I was taking prescription medicine for anxiety, but it gave me migraines… I started using CBD and felt significant improvement. I have reduced anxiety but also less muscle tension. Before, I carried around stress and anxiety, as if it were my armor. With CBD, I feel in-the-moment–– without armor weighing me down.” –– Brooke E., California State Employee, Age 40

Rounding Out Your Well-Being ::
CBD oil may help ward off unwelcome holiday complications, but there are two additional strategies you can incorporate to make the best of the holiday season.

Mindful Eating ::
Having you ever been chatting with an old friend over a nice lunch, then realize you haven’t tasted a thing? You’ve devoured the entire bowl of vichyssoise but don’t recall what it tasted like.

I just wanted to say vichyssoise. Let’s try again… you don’t recall what your giant bowl of chowder tasted like.

You were over-stimulated and ‘mindlessly’ eating–– and probably over-eating. Now, a chowdery-brick wrestles in your belly. Regret settles.

Here’s the thing: we eat for sustenance, for taste, for socialization, and because it can make us feel good (until we don’t).

Choosing foods wisely, being aware of portion size, and being mindful while eating the food, are sure-fire ways to avoid the holiday trap of over-eating. Food dramatically affects how we feel and think. Some indulgences are expected around the holidays, being mindful to not over-do it will help matters.

If we’re in a good place mentally and emotionally, we may be less inclined to over-eat in the first place. This brings us to the next item (and, coincidentally, goes back to the first item–– CBD).

Exercise ::
Exercise is shown to release endorphins and improve mood. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise releases “feel-good endorphins” called endogenous cannabinoids, and other brain chemicals, which enhance your sense of well-being, improve anxiety and depression. Try a brisk walk in the morning or after the holiday meal. It will release natural cannabinoids and boosts your mood.

Some of you are thinking, “Exercise in November? It’s freezing!” Fair enough. Then, it’s CBD for you, my friend!

And, here we are…back to talking about the benefits of cannabinoids! How about that?!

The Takeaway ::
Don’t forget to take your dose of CBD oil, maybe a tad bit of exercise, and you’ll be fully ‘zenned out’. You’ll show up without protective armor and be fully present to enjoy family, candied sweet potatoes, and exude holiday love.

Happy Hemp Holidays!

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