More Women Use Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Health Benefits

Many women are using full-spectrum hemp oil for health benefits, and some are also giving up their traditional medicines in the process. A recent article in Forbes magazine also said that women are more likely to use hemp products than men. The article provided the results of a survey by The Brightfield Group and HelloMD that showed that 55% of hemp users are now women.

The survey also indicated that 42% of users had given up taking painkillers and other medications after using hemp to treat problems like anxiety, depression, joint pain and trouble sleeping. Even more proof of the effectiveness of full-spectrum hemp oil for health benefits, 80% of those surveyed reported that they found hemp to be very effective or extremely effective, while only 3% said they found it to be only slightly effective or not effective at all.

How Are Women Using Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Health Benefits?

An entirely different survey by Eaze also found that women are more likely than men to use hemp on a daily basis, and that one in five users are also parents.

The study also found that users are more likely to be Millennials, be very educated, and have jobs, with more than half making an income of more than $75k per year. And according to survey results, 63% of the users who were also parents reported that they used hemp products on a daily basis. More good news is that many were using the products to replace the use of potentially addictive or harmful substances such as opiates, marijuana and alcohol.

According to the survey, women were also twice as likely as men to use tincture products as part of their health and wellness regimens. Our ginger tincture is a perfect example of this type of product – just a few drops on the tongue supports fast pain relief.

The Eaze survey also revealed that women were 42% more likely than men to use low-dose edible products containing full-spectrum hemp oil, like our brownie mix.

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