The popularity of full-spectrum hemp is exploding. Studies suggesting new therapeutic and health benefits seem to appear every week. Legalization of both hemp and marijuana are expanding rapidly. But there’s a problem. Because the Food and Drug Administration has not issued a recommended daily dosage, many users have to find the right full-spectrum hemp dosage based on trial and error.

The majority of dosing information available today can be found on various online charts, but they don’t take into account basic factors like the manner of administration, the weight or age of the user, the potency of the product, or the symptom being treated. 

Are you taking what you think you’re taking?

Further complicating the issue of finding the right full-spectrum hemp dosage is the fact that many users don’t understand the difference between full-spectrum hemp and hemp seed oil. 

– Full-spectrum hemp oil contains all of the hemp plant’s various nutrients — including the many therapeutically beneficial hemp terpenes

– Hemp seed oil, which does not contain significant cannabinoids, is extracted from hemp seeds. Unfortunately, many inexpensive products on Amazon containing 2,000 to 35,000 mg of “hemp oil extract” actually contain no full-spectrum hemp—hence the price tags of $25 to $30. 

So what is the right dose?

A recent interview with Nick Jikomes, the in-house neuroscientist at, helps to shed some light on this issue of finding the right full-spectrum hemp dosage. Here are the key takeaways:

The right dose will change over time

Our physiologies change as we age, and so will the density of receptors in our endocannabinoid systems. That means that the optimal full-spectrum hemp dosage will change over time as well. Keeping a daily journal can help you keep track of how different dosages are affecting you.

A mid-sized dose is the sweet spot

Like pharmaceuticals that bind to many different receptors, full-spectrum hemp tends to be most effective with a mid-sized dose. A relatively low dose will hit the receptors it has the highest affinity for, which will depend on the strain of hemp you’re using and its terpene profile. At higher levels, cannabinoids will saturate these receptors and begin interacting with other receptor systems, meaning you may experience different effects than those you intended. In short, doubling the dosage is unlikely to double effectiveness.  

Dosage depends on the condition being treated, and the route of administration

The proper dosage has a lot to do with what you’re trying to treat. For anxiety, effectiveness tends to decrease as the dose is increased. For epilepsy, on the other hand, an upper limit for an effective dose has yet to be discovered. 

The route of administration is also critically important. 

– Tinctures, like our Hemp-Infused Ginger Tincture, deliver full-spectrum hemp to the bloodstream in a more direct manner than when it is consumed. The onset of effects is also faster. 

– Edibles, like our Hemp-Infused Chocolate Brownie Mix, tend to absorb slower, but the effects last longer. ,

– Topical products, like our Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream, can be applied directly to the area that needs relief. 

Long story short? Some experimentation between different routes of administration is necessary to discover which is the best for your particular condition or symptom. 

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