Using Hemp Oil for Skin Beautification and Rejuvenation

Why are so many people using hemp oil for skin care? Probably because it has the best combination and ratio of essential fatty acids found in nature, the highest variety of amino acids, and is the only plant-based source of vitamin D.

But it’s not just chemical properties that make using hemp oil for skin care a no-brainer: It’s also  the composition of hemp oil itself.Very similar to skin lipids, hemp oil has naturally occurring emollient properties and moisturizes the skin without needing harsh chemicals.

Our famous Green Tea Healing Salve, for example, is great for dry skin patches and for maintenance around the eyes, and has even been shown to alleviate symptoms caused by psoriasis and eczema.

Because the hemp oil we use is 100% grown right here in the United States as part of the University of Kentucky hemp pilot program, you know you are getting real, full-spectrum hemp oil of the highest quality.

3 Reasons to Use Hemp Oil for Skin Care

Fatty Acids

Hemp oil has a better fatty acid profile than fish oil and flaxseed oil. It has all of the  essential fatty acids, specifically omega-3 and omega-6, in the perfect ratio of 1:3. These fatty acids allow the skin to conserve moisture, which makes the skin more elastic and youthful.

Amino Acids

Hemp oil contains all 10 amino acids necessary for protein building, as well as gamma linoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory amino acid that’s considered one of the most effective agents for the treatment of skin disorders and for the maintenance of healthy skin. Perhaps it’s no surprise that numerous people are using hemp oil for skin conditions ranging from psoriasis and eczema to acne.

Vitamins and Nutrients

It’s not just about fatty acids and amino acids and about things happening down at the cellular level. People are using hemp oil for skin care because it’s absolutely full of the vitamins and nutrients that the skin needs to thrive. It is a great source of tocopherols, also known as Vitamin E antioxidants. It is one of the very best sources of vitamin D and one of the only plant-based sources. It also has all the essential minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus.

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