Most people know about the many benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil by now. Its ever-increasing popularity has led to the availability of a range of products designed to meet a number of therapeutic and dietary needs. People of all backgrounds, including athletes, are now using full-spectrum hemp oil, and it’s fast becoming a go-to ingredient. Here are the best hemp products for athletes made by Jenny’s Baked at Home!

1. Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream

Even athletes in top physical form will overwork or injure themselves, resulting in swollen, aching joints. A topical solution such as Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream is a natural alternative to over-the-counter medications, providing not only fast relief from pain and inflammation but also skin-conditioning benefits from the almond extract.

2. Chocolate Brownie Mix

Who doesn’t love a superfood, especially when it comes in the form of delicious, gluten-free chocolate brownies with added protein? We all need a little added stimulation now and then, and athletes are no exception. The naturally stimulating properties of the cacao contained in this Chocolate Brownie Mix will provide an extra boost of energy when it’s most needed.

3. Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil

Good fats are an athlete’s best friend, and MCT oils in coconut oil can improve performance in numerous ways. A Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil goes even further by giving athletes everything they need in terms of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, and more. And the best part is that it’s easy to add to everyday foods, including oatmeal, soups, and smoothies.

4. Hemp-Infused Ginger Tincture

Among our favorite hemp products for athletes are tinctures, which are quick and easy to dose and ingest on the go. Ginger has many therapeutic properties, so it’s not surprising that ginger has been used for centuries as a natural healing aid. The powerful analgesic effects of the ancient root make it essential for all physically active individuals. This Hemp-Infused Ginger Tincture is convenient to use and provides relief from a full range of painful conditions, while also protecting against age-related diseases. The additional stress-reducing properties of hemp oil make this tincture a must-have gym bag item.

5. Hemp-Infused Olive Oil

Using olive oil in cooking and baking is the perfect way to benefit from this healthy fat. For an athlete, using olive oil that’s infused with hemp oil provides long- and short-term benefits. While olive oil has many preventative properties in terms of the heart, brain, and cognitive health, full-spectrum hemp oil helps with sleep, digestion, and pain. For an athlete, using a product like Hemp-Infused Olive Oil is the tastiest way to stay healthy.

6. Lemon Basil Healing Balm

While it’s tempting to grab a pill when pain strikes, going the natural route makes much more sense, especially for an athlete who wants to avoid any potentially performance-spoiling side effects. A soothing balm infused with lemon, basil, and full-spectrum hemp oil will relieve all kinds of pain naturally and leave the skin deeply moisturized thanks to rich avocado oil.

Maintaining good health is essential for all athletes at any level. Combining the powerful healing properties of hemp oil with other active ingredients is a safe, effective, and completely natural way to boost your activity.

Meet Jenny Argie

I am a mother of three from Brooklyn, a breast cancer survivor and I have been a hard-nosed cannabis activist since I first tried hemp oil in the hopes it would ease the pain of my cancer treatments.

After learning the science behind the plant’s therapeutic effects, I started Jenny’s Baked at Home, a labor of love that is dedicated to sharing whole-plant hemp oil products for the Kitchen, Body and Soul with anyone and everyone in need.

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