Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream


Our Extra Strength Omega Almond Pain Cream is layered with powerful elements– full-spectrum hemp flower oil, essential omega fatty acids, and nourishing almond oil.

A workhorse concoction that will be your go-to week-after-week.

  • 500mg CBD total (From Full Spectrum Hemp)
  • Contains Essential Fatty Acids
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fast-Absorbing, Non-Greasy
  • No Psychoactive Effects



What is our Extra Strength Pain Cream primarily used for?

Thanks to soothing ingredients like almond oil and udo oil, our Extra Strength Pain Cream is commonly used for joint pain and muscle pain. This topical cream comes with the added bonus of CBD, which seeps into the skin providing lasting relief.

This CBD cream is particularly useful if you’re an athlete who wants a natural remedy to add into your daily work-out routine or for post-workout soreness. Massage directly into your sore muscles and joints to let our soothing topical CBD cream get to work!

Many athletes use Full Spectrum Hemp following their workouts to continue managing pain from achy muscles as well.

Almond oil makes a great addition to our pain relief cream

Almond oil contains vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin. Almond oil has been observed to help with a variety of skin conditions from eczema to pregnancy stretch marks. The combination of almond oil and CBD is a powerhouse skin remedy that is bound to support the look and feel of your skin.

Our CBD cream will keep your skin hydrated

Udo oil contains omega 3 and 6 which helps the skin hold onto water. Hydrated skin is the key to supple skin that looks and feels healthy and youthful. But it’s not just about moisturizing and drinking water. The ingredients you put into, and onto, your body can be a game-changer in keeping your skin hydrated.

Adding omega 3 and 6 to your skin pairs well with your skin and supports your skin in retaining water and maintaining hydration.


Apply to sore muscles, joint pain and skin conditions. For severe skin conditions, use 2-3 times a day, otherwise use as needed

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