5 Reasons To Take a Soothing Hemp Bath

Taking a bath with CBD or Hemp-infused bath bombs can change your life!

When was the last time you took a bath?

A bath can be one of the best ways to indulge in self-care and fully relax your body. And when you add CBD, you’re magnifying the self-care and relaxation elements by… alot…

When you take a bath, you’re dedicating time to yourself.

Time for you to simply lay and be.

So make the most of that time with a few tricks to really amplify the moment. Taking a bath will change your life if you take the time to implement a few key rituals like:

1. Adding epsom salt to your hemp bath

Epsom salt helps to take away all the aches and pains. It softens and soothes the skin while reducing soreness and pain. A key ingredient in Epsom salt is magnesium.

Did you know your body needs magnesium to keep your hormones balanced? So magnesium deficiency can lead to emotional imbalance. This means Epsom salt can be your secret weapon during menstruation. It can help reduce stress, and balance your emotions to help you get off that emotional rollercoaster you sometimes feel during your period.

Try adding a bath bomb with Epsom salt to your bath to promote overall wellbeing.

woman in the bath with a wine glass

2. Add CBD to your bath

Lots of people use CBD to help with things like pain, inflammation, and stress. And when you add CBD to your warm bath, it seeps into your body faster and deeper to provide full-body relief and relaxation. When you take a CBD bath, the CBD enters your body transdermally, providing targeted relief to the muscles and joints. Taking a bath is already therapeutic, so adding CBD to your bath only intensifies the therapeutic effects.

We mean it when we say taking a hemp bath will change your life. Choose the highest quality CBD for your bath with Jenny’s Aromatherapy Bath Bombs.

Jenny's Aromatherapy CBD Bath Bomb
CBD bath bomb

3. Candles for ambiance to ease into sleep.

Who doesn’t love candle light?

Candle light helps prepare your body for sleep. We are overwhelmed by light all day long from our devices. And if you live in an urban area, too much light pollution can affect your sleep cycle. Blue light suppress melatonin production.

When you eliminate blue light, your body starts naturally preparing for sleep.

Did you know that blocking out blue light for two hours before bedtime will help you have a deeper night’s sleep? If you’re taking a bath in the evening, set the mood with some candles and support your body in preparation for a long, deep sleep.

person holding a lit candle with several candles in the background

4. Essential oil aroma therapy with your bath

Essential oils and aroma therapy have powerful health benefits. They can relief stress, anxiety, help manage pain, and so much more. A few of our favorite therapuetic essential oils are:

  • Lavender to help with stress and anxiety
  • Lemongrass for antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant properties.
  • Peppermint to help with itching, muscle pain, headache, and blood circulation.
  • Grapefruit antibacterial, antimicrobiol, mood balance, and ance.
  • Eucalyptus for disinfecting, breathing easy, cold sores, and blood sugar.

You can find these essential oils in Jenny’s Aromatherapy Bath Bomb.

5. Music or audio book

Get cozy in your bath with some relaxing music or a book you’ve been wanting to catch up on.

The longer you’re in the bath, the more you’ll reep the therapeutic benefits. Make a commitment to yourself and practice self-care.

So run the water, drop a bomb, and set the mood to start a hemp bath, self-care ritual that will change your life.