“Our bodies have the innate ability to heal.  We need to feed and trust our bodies at a cellular level.  The process by which we heal is through reconnecting, re-balancing, rejuvenating, re-establishing and flow.  All of Jennys products support the bodies ability to return to health.” 

-Naomi Edwards
Holistic Health Coach
Brooklyn, New York

"The Coconut oil and healing balm is in my bathroom. I slather it all over my body as a natural solution for my dry skin."

Georgia Harlem, NY


“I worked with my doctor who helped me find a winning combination of prescription medicine and CBD.  They go hand-and-hand together.  For my hands, I used to buy over the counter pain creams but they are harsh on the skin and don’t really help.  Jenny’s products have helped reduce my inflammation, improve digestion, increase my circulation and helped to manage pain.  They make me feel relaxed and helped me to enjoy life.  It’s that simple.”

New York, New York

"I had used the drugs recommended by my physicians with great reluctance since pain pills carry their own set of problems. I didn't want to rely on narcotics for obvious reasons. Instead I tried a dose of CBD at bedtime and literally had no further discomfort. The relief from pain was the most important thing for me .. that impacted all other areas of my life and allowed me to get back to being myself more quickly."

Peg NY, NY