CBD Healing Tincture (2000mg full spectrum CBD)


Feel like yourself, only elevated. Bartenders love our tincture because it’s different from CBD oil – our tincture mixes with any liquid. Simply add to your favorite drinks – smoothies, coffee, tea & more! This means it’s also fast-acting and great before lying down for sleep. Learn more.

  • Water-soluble
  • Full-spectrum
  • Easy-to-use

One dropper equals 65mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. 30 droppers per container. Suggested Use: Buy CBD tincture. Place 1-2 full droppers under the tongue or in a beverage of your choice daily. Relax.



The Perfect CBD Mixer for Cocktails or Mocktails

Our CBD tincture is different from other CBD oils available for sale. How? It’s water-soluble. This means it can be dissolved in any drink or food item you desire! Check out our CBD mocktail recipes for inspiration!

What is a water soluble CBD tincture?

A CBD tincture that is water soluble simply means it can be dissolved or mixed into a solution of liquid. Have you ever let a salad dressing sit for a while and noticed that the oil separates from the other liquids? Well, the same thing would happen if you were to make a CBD drink using CBD oil containing MCT oil or any other carrier oil.

Jenny’s Tincture is Different

That’s right, Jenny’s CBD tincture is not mixed with a carrier oil like most other tinctures out there. Instead, we use an alcohol-based extraction method to create a potent, full spectrum hemp extract. Then, 100% of the alcohol evaporates from the tincture, leaving us with a super high quality, unadulterated, full spectrum CBD tincture that can be mixed with ANYTHING.

Water soluble CBD vs oil

Another consideration to make is how our bodies absorb CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD that is water soluble will be more easily absorbed by your body’s bloodstream. This is why our tincture contains a slightly lower total MG count of CBD. The effects of water soluble CBD are much stronger and more noticeable, so you don’t need as much!

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Andrea Wasielewski
My calming solution

My husband died 5 weeks ago. Lots of stress and sadness. I used this tincture and the Turmeric tincture at night. Coconut oil in my tea before bed. I could feel the change in my body within 2 days. I did take my doctors meds but with the above mentioned I could get thru my pain with ease and had a beautiful celebration of life and did quite well. Thank you Jenny! You know exactly what I needed❤️