Jenny’s Story

My name is Jenny Argie and I am a breast cancer survivor, a strong single mother and a baker extraordinaire who’s determined to bring the amazing benefits of hemp oil straight from my kitchen to your door.

As I was undergoing cancer treatment, I researched the benefits of hemp oil and was amazed by what I found. The health benefits were beyond my wildest dreams. Unfortunately, when I looked at what was available on the market, I was very disappointed.

Some hemp products contained 3% of the hemp oil being advertised. Many more imported their hemp oil from questionable sources overseas. Those that were sourced responsibly were often wildly overpriced and contained more milligrams of hemp oil than a person could absorb in a day.

That’s why I started Baked at Home. My products use full-spectrum hemp oil extracted from the finest, locally grown, pesticide-free hemp — and are always lovingly Baked at Home!

Farm to Table, Local and Sustainable

Baked at Home is proud to be 100% made in America and be a part of the local Kentucky economy. We take advantage of the amazing growing climate of Kentucky, a region known to have some of the most fertile and productive soil on the planet, and use the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil derived from locally grown hemp.

Our hemp oil is extracted by local Kentucky hemp oil extractors using one of the most advanced and eco-friendly methods in existence. But it’s not just about extraction.

The Finest Strains

Like growing wine grapes, hemp plants need to be grown with the outcome in mind. You must choose the right hemp strain and grow it in ideal conditions — with the perfect amount of water, drainage, sun, pampering, and pruning.

Our local Kentucky farmers grow a unique strain of hemp called Honey Bee Hemp, which was developed for the State of Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, and is known for its full-spectrum profile that includes all the compounds associated with the most amazing hemp oil health benefits.

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