CBD and Sex

Should you try a hemp-infused lube?

Have you found the key to your sexual pleasure?

It’s too often that women put their needs aside. Especially when it comes to sex.

And as many women know, climax can be hard to reach sometimes…

Many women can only reach climax under specific mental and physical circumstances. And while having intercourse, sometimes only one precise position can get you off. So if every aspect that we need to climax is not in perfect alignment, we give up too easily. Or we “settle” for oral stimulation.

But how many of you prefer that g-spot orgasm?

It seems so hard to come by these days…But it does not have to be that way. With the right products, you can have toe-curling orgasms more often than you you’ve never had before.

With a natural CBD sexual lubricant, you can have a heightened sexual experience every time.

A quick review of our hemp lube

At first, we were skeptical too. We are familiar with the effect & benefits of CBD on the mind and body, but for a lubricant? We weren’t so sure. So we did some testing…

Now, we’re completely hooked!

CBD lube is a bedroom staple—a luxury that’s a necessity! And our special formula makes things extra spicy in the bedroom. You’ll never forget to pack this on your weekend getaways…

So why try Jenny’s lube over others? 3 simple reasons…

CBD-infused coconut oil. Coconut oil is natural, preservative-free, and can last longer than water-based lubes. It’s moisturizing and packed with Vitamin E. Coconut oil also has some anti-fungal properties.

Peppermint. Peppermint provides a cool, tingling sensation that can take your orgasm to the next level. It also increases blood flow to your genitals, increasing the likelihood of orgasm while relieving any discomfort.

Oregano. Oregano is an antioxidant powerhouse. With its natural healing powers, oregano will perk up your vagina and relieve it from inflammation and pain.

Common questions about hemp oil for your vagina:

Can I use hemp oil as a lubricant?

Yes! Hemp oil is becoming a popular ingredient in sexual lubricants. Oil-based lubes last longer and are moisturizing for the vagina. Your vagina can absorb whatever the nutrients of the lubricant are transdermally through the vagina’s tissues and mucus membranes.

The only con to an oil-based lube is that they deteriorate latex condoms. So make sure your condom is non-latex or that you have another form of contraceptive in place.

What can I expect?

Increased sensitivity. Natural lubricants reduce friction & inflammation which results in an increase in blood flow. With an increase in blood flow to the vagina, you can more easily reach climax.

Increased relaxation. Many women find their vaginal muscles are tight during sex. This can lead to pain when having intercourse, especially during initial penetration. A natrual lubricant can help relax the vaginal muscles, decreasing pain, and supporting a heightened orgasm.

When you take these benefits and add CBD to the mix, the experience will only get better. Get ready for some erotic, sensational gliding.

Can hemp oil cause a yeast infection?

There is no current evidence that hemp oil can cause a yeast infection. However, we always recommend discussing these types of questions with your trusted healthcare provider or medical professional.

What’s the best lube for vulvodynia?

Did you know that the proper lube can actually help with vulvodynia? Vulvodynia is chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause (1). It can feel like a burning or knife-like pain in either multiple areas or a specific area of the vulva.

Vulvodynia can make sex extremely painful and undesireable…

But with the powerful benefits of CBD and the addition of anti-inflammatory agents like peppermint and oregano, our lube can help make sex less painful and more enjoyable (2).

We recommend applying lube to the vagina before and during foreplay. This allows time for the CBD to take effect before penetration.

Summer isn’t over yet! Are you going on one last beach trip before the summer is over?

Don’t forget to pack this lube in your beach bag… Bikini’s, salt, and sun are the perfect equations for some risky spontaneity!

All done with beach vacations for the season? Don’t worry. Fall fire-side evenings and ski vacation hot-tubbing are right around the corner.

Treat yourself to the regular pleasure you deserve. It works great for solo-use too 😉

In hemp and pleasure,