Hemp & CBD 101

Scientific Matter

Straight off the top: Hemp is Not Marijuana

Hemp is probably the earliest known plant grown for textile fiber dating back to ancient Mesopotamia–– roughly 8,000 BCE. It was used by ancient people throughout the world as medicine for various types of ailments. Its versatility was well-known throughout history.

Difference between Hemp and Marijuana: The hemp plant is a close relative of marijuana–– they’re both in the cannabis family. Hemp is not marijuana. Although they share commonalities. Like we said before, think of you and your dramatic Aunt Alice. Two different people, different personalities, same family. That’s marijuana and hemp.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds. Cannabis plants contain many types of cannabinoids. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, found in the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol (a type of cannabinoid that won’t get you high).  CBD, like other cannabinoids, affects our body’s biochemical communication system called the Endocannabinoid System. (ECS). Our ECS plays a critical role in regulating our physiology, emotions, and cognitive processes.

We extract all the beneficial cannabinoids (including CBD), phytochemicals and compounds from hemp plants. Extracting all the beneficial compounds and chemicals is called full-spectrum (more about full-spectrum later).

Hemp plants are very low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), about 0.3 percent. THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plan. Marijuana has much higher THC concentrations than hemp plants.

This means with full-spectrum hemp oil or CBD oil, you get the benefits without the high!  See…it’s a very sciencey matter.

Benefits Matter

We’re almost done with the nitty-gritty. Let’s dive in…

What’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil? The hemp plant contains many types cannabinoids, phytochemicals and other compounds. Each type of cannabinoid effects the body differently. CBD has the widest range of effects of all the other cannabinoids. During Co2 extraction, cannabinoids, including the almighty CBD, phytochemicals and compounds like terpenes, and flavonoids are extracted. Full-spectrum hemp yields the greatest benefits and taps into our our Endocannabinoid System.

CBD Benefits (Hemp Oil Benefits): Hemp contains hundreds of therapeutically significant compounds. Full-spectrum hemp oil contains all the beneficial cannabinoids, phytochemicals and compounds to positively affect your Endocannabinoid System–– unlike CBD isolate or broad spectrum oil,

A Note on Terms: Typically, terms like “Full-spectrum CBD” and “Full-spectrum Hemp Oil” refer to the same thing. However, you must check the details and processing practices to ensure its true full-spectrum hemp oil. “CBD oil” may simply refer to CBD isolate (just the CBD cannabinoid extract, which doesn’t include other beneficial cannabinoids and compounds).

It’s worth mentioning: hemp seed oil is not CBD oil or hemp oil. Hemp seed oil doesn’t contain THC or CBD, as it’s derived only from the seeds.

Critical Matter

Final Lesson on Hemp and CBD… We Promise.
Why Are Growing & Extraction Methods Are Important?

Our hemp is from certified organic hemp farmers and grown in Kentucky. Organic is important because traditional, mass-produced mono-cropping farm practices are bad for the environment and bad for you. Certified Organic, typically encompasses sustainable practices, uses non-GMO seed, and doesn’t use harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction 

CO2 extraction uses highly pressurized carbon dioxide and uses extremely low temperatures to safely and extract the hemp oil. Other extraction methods use dangerous chemicals and solvents, CO2 extraction is more expensive and time-consuming than other extraction techniques. However, CO2 extraction yields the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil.  Our CBD oil is sourced from expert Kentucky hemp oil extractors that use the clean, eco-friendly, and efficient extraction processes.

Now, what can be extrapolated from extraction methods? Rhetorical question.

Fact of the Matter

But, wait… there’s more. (Couldn’t resist).

Jenny’s products are made with full-spectrum hemp oil derived from a unique hemp strain called Honey Bee. Sounds magical, right?

Our  hemp complies with the standards set forth in the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Our full-spectrum provides essential compounds to deliver maximum wellness.

Jenny’s products are derived from hemp that’s certified organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free and grown right here in the USA. Our CBD is third-party lab tested to ensure nominal TCH levels and adherence to strict quality, purity and potency standards.

All the bennies, none of the high. 

Now that you’ve read all that…

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