Are anxiety or depression holding you back?


I have a high-stress job and struggle with occasional bouts of social anxiety and depression. My symptoms of depression and anxiety tend to overlap: difficulty concentrating, irritability, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping. The depression tends to follow the anxiety. I start avoiding things, and before I realize it all I’m thinking about is work. Friends and family become secondary. I just don’t feel like going out or doing anything.

It’s been something I’ve dealt with on and off for most of my life. Talk therapy has helped a lot, but it doesn’t help me overcome anxiety in the moment, like when I’m giving a presentation at work. A friend of mine suggested I look into anti-anxiety medication, but I know for a fact they are habit forming and very difficult to quit.

Another friend started telling me about full spectrum hemp oil, how it has helped people with dual diagnosis of anxiety and depression nip their anxiety in the butt and stop avoiding the things they love doing.  I did some research to find a local company selling USA-made, third-party tested hemp products I could trust and found Jenny’s Baked at Home.


The first thing I bought was the Hemp-Infused Ginger Tincture, which comes in a little dropper bottle. I took five or six drops under my tongue twice a day.

Within a few days I started realizing that the things that drove me up the wall at work didn’t seem as overwhelming. I was having a conversation with my boss that normally would have left me shaking with stress and anxiety, but found myself strangely relaxed and in the moment.

During a presentation at work — which I always manage to do but have never enjoyed — I found myself breathing normally and calmly moving through the material.

Next I wanted to see what Jenny’s products could do for my sleep. I learned that full spectrum hemp oil affects the body differently when digested as opposed to absorbed under the tongue, so I ordered the Hemp-Infused Chocolate Brownie Mix, which is gluten free AND delicious! I found that if I eat one after dinner, I sleep much, much better.

My boyfriend appreciates it too because I’m in a much better mood in the mornings!