Are you caring for a loved one in pain?


After my father passed away and my mother started having difficulty taking care of herself, she moved in with my husband and I. She was already in a good amount of pain and struggling to move around due to arthritis when, five years ago, she suffered a stroke. The stroke changed everything.

The pain kept on getting worse despite the doctor increasing her pain medication. My husband and I weren’t sure what to do. I saw something on the news about people ditching their pain medication for full spectrum hemp oil, which comes from cannabis, and decided to look into it. I asked my mother if she would be interested, and she said she would be OK with anything that helped her pain.

Now, I knew basically nothing about cannabis besides that it got you high. I had no idea that it had 113 therapeutic cannabinoids, most of which you can find in full spectrum hemp oil, that have no psychoactive effects and can help reduce pain, inflammation, stress, and insomnia, all of which were problems for my mother.


During my online research I stumbled onto one of Jenny’s Baked at Home blogs. I checked out her products and ordered the Hemp-Infused Ginger Tincture, which I could easily help my mother take below her tongue.

We didn’t notice any drastic changes right away, but after about three weeks we noticed her moving around more. I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was feeling great. Not only was her pain diminished, but she was speaking much more clearly as well, possibly because she’d been sleeping better. It also seemed to help with some of the nastier side effects for her arthritis medicine.

I was so impressed with Jenny’s products that I decided to try one out myself. I ordered the Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream, which I use cosmetically around my eyes and on wrinkle areas, or on my shoulders, chest and neck when I’m feeling stressed. After all, being a caretaker is hard work! My mother did everything for me growing up, and it makes me feel good to know that I found something to help make her life a little more comfortable.