Need an all-natural remedy for your furry friend?


Sienna is an 11-year-old golden retriever mix. I’ve had her since she was a puppy. At around 10 years I saw the first signs that she was starting to show her age. She had trouble going up and down the stairs because of arthritis. I noticed when she was in the backyard she wouldn’t run around and play like she used to.

She’d always been afraid of storms, but her anxiety seemed to be getting worse and worse. In the past she would hide in the closet and try and cover herself with my clothes. Now she was trying to claw through the wall in my closet. When I kept the closet door closed, she would go into the bathroom and tear the wall up in there.

I took her to the vet and they gave me some sedatives as well as some pain medication. The pain medication seemed to help a bit with going up and down the stairs, but the sedative didn’t seem to do anything. She still freaked out when there were storms and her personality seemed to be disappearing faster than ever.

I started looking into all-natural remedies for dogs and came across full spectrum hemp oil and Jenny’s Baked at Home. I looked at the label on the Pumpkin-Turmeric Pet Drops and it seemed too good to be true.


It’s been six months since my purchase, and I can report that my expectations have been exceeded in every way. With 10 drops of Pumpkin-Turmeric Pet Drops twice a day, Sienna has undergone a profound change. She still hides in the closet when there’s a storm or when there’s construction outside, but my walls are intact!

I’ve seen some improvement in her ability to walk up the stairs, though I still have to carry her down the steps on the deck into the back yard. Probably the most amazing change I can report is about her personality.  She seems more playful, more like the old Sienna.

I don’t know if this is because she’s experiencing less pain in her hips or if it’s because she has less anxiety, but people have been commenting that the crazy, rambunctious Sienna is back.