Healing Stories - Foodie

Want to easily incorporate hemp into your meals?

Heather’s Challenge

I guess you can call me a foodie or whatever, I LOVE to try new food but living in NYC keeps me from being able to scratch that itch without blowing my savings. I also love to eat healthy, and that’s hard to do when you go out to eat. Not only that, I like to know exactly where my food is coming from and what I am putting in my body.

So I started to cook at home to save money and get some peace of mind. Wondering what I can do to really kick up my healthy eating routine, I asked for advice and a friend suggested I use hemp oil in my cooking. After some research I found that it was nearly impossible to know whether I’m buying processed hemp oil full of chemicals or full spectrum hemp oil, so I needed to find a source I could trust. That’s when I was introduced to Jenny and her amazing products.

Heather’s Solution

Not only do I trust Jenny because she is a mom and breast cancer survivor — and because she practices all the things she preaches — but I also love that she has managed to make even her brownies sugar free, non-GMO, and gluten free.

We all know that olive oil and coconut oil are GREAT for you, but I found out that when you add full spectrum hemp oil to them, you get ALL the nutrients you could possibly need – protein, carbs, insoluble fiber, the full spectrum of vitamins, and all the omega fatty acids!

So naturally I’ve been pouring Jenny’s Hemp-Infused Olive Oil GENEROUSLY over every salad and and use Jenny’s Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil to experiment with baking since it’s better for you than vegetable oil and animal-based cooking oils.