About Jenny

A little about me + CBD In a nutshell

I’m a Brooklyn based small-business owner, a plant-based eating, CBD advocate, single mother of three, and a breast cancer survivor.

Whew! That’s a mouthful. I’ve faced my share of adversity. Breast cancer is grueling and at times unbearable. Same goes for kids (kidding). Battling cancer stripped away all that’s unnecessary in my life and amplified what matters—family, health, and happiness. I went full-steam ahead on my journey toward wellness.

My number one goal—getting healthy. For my three children, and for myself.

How CBD Helped Me

I inhaled loads (wink) of research and learned that science supports a plant-based diet for overall wellness.

Incorporating plant-based foods made me feel energetic. Once I included full-spectrum hemp oil (also called CBD oil) into my daily regimen, I noticed significant improvement in my physical, emotional, and psychological health. It was eye-opening. I advocate for a plant-based diet and full-spectrum hemp oil. I teach others how to incorporate CBD oil into plant-based cooking. I focus on hemp and healthy foods as part of a holistic approach to one’s overall health.

Jenny’s BAKED at home products are organic, full-spectrum CBD infused foods and skin products, derived from non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp that’s 100% grown in the USA.

In Hemp + Happiness,