Full-spectrum CBD Coffee (10-14mg CBD/serving)


Finally, something truly worth waking up for. Coffee and cannabliss– a seductively satisfying infusion. The highest quality coffee infused with CBD. It begins with organic, sustainably sourced, fair trade Honduran coffee beans of single origin. Kos Kaffe, a small-batch roaster based in Brooklyn, New York, roasts the premium coffee beans to perfection before infusing Jenny’s organic full-spectrum hemp extract.

  • 6oz bag of coffee beans, 130mg CBD total
  • 12-14mg CBD per 8oz cup
  • Fairtrade, single-origin beans from Honduras

An artfully crafted cup of pure satisfaction. It is perfectly balanced– mellow meets bold. The flavor is complex with nuances of milk chocolate, caramel, golden raisin, and stone fruit.

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What is CBD coffee anyway? Simple. CBD coffee is a cup of coffee that’s brewed with CBD. It can be made by adding your own CBD oil to your cup of coffee, or by infusing coffee beans with hemp or CBD so that your brewed cup already has CBD in it. Here at Jenny’s baked at home, you have options. We offer both CBD infused coffee and CBD tincure that you can add to your coffee. If you prefer a higher dosage, you and use both options together.

How are CBD infused coffee beans made?

CBD-infused coffee beans are made using the natural oils from the coffee beans. Heat is used to draw out the oils from the roasted coffee beans. Then full-spectrum CBD extract is combined with the natural oils from the coffee beans. Once the beans are cured, the beans draw their natural oils back in with the CBD extract.

We recommend brewing with a French press or with a stainless steel coffee filter to receive the maximum dosage of CBD.

What are the benefits of hemp-infused coffee?

Heavy coffee drinkers know the price of drinking too much coffee can sometimes come with anxiety, a nervous stomach, and headaches. CBD has been known to help treat these symptoms. So adding CBD to your coffee can help eliminate the undesired side-effects of drinking coffee.

How To Use CBD Coffee (Our Recommendations)

  • Begin the day with extra strength and protection
  • Enjoy this Full Spectrum coffee with our Ginger Tincture for a healthy start to your day.
  • Enjoy this coffee with our brownie mix by making bites to kick start your day or any event.

Do you get those 3:00 blues? Reach for the CBD coffee, add ginger tincture and pow you are ready for a strong finish without stressing your adrenals.

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