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What’s the Right Full-Spectrum Hemp Dosage?

The popularity of full-spectrum hemp is exploding. Studies suggesting new therapeutic and health benefits seem to appear every week. Legalization of both hemp and marijuana are expanding rapidly. But there’s a problem. Because the Food and Drug Administration has not issued a recommended daily dosage, many users have to find the right full-spectrum hemp dosage based on trial and error. The majority of dosing information available today can be found on various online charts, but they don’t take into account basic factors like the manner of administration, the weight or age of the user, the potency of the product, or the symptom being treated.  Are you taking what you think you’re taking? Further complicating the issue of finding the right full-spectrum hemp dosage is the fact that many...

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6 Hemp Products for Athletes

Most people know about the many benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil by now. Its ever-increasing popularity has led to the availability of a range of products designed to meet a number of therapeutic and dietary needs. People of all backgrounds, including athletes, are now using full-spectrum hemp oil, and it’s fast becoming a go-to ingredient. Here are the best hemp products for athletes made by Jenny’s Baked at Home! 1. Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream Even athletes in top physical form will overwork or injure themselves, resulting in swollen, aching joints. A topical solution such as Almond Extra Strength Pain Cream is a natural alternative to over-the-counter medications, providing not only fast relief from pain and inflammation but also skin-conditioning benefits from the almond extract. 2. Chocolate...