What Is Hemp-Infused Coffee?

What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is a cup of coffee that’s infused with CBD in some form or another. CBD coffee can be made by adding your own CBD oil to your cup of coffee, or by infusing coffee beans with CBD so that your brewed cup already has CBD in it.

Here at Jenny’s baked at home, you have options. We offer both CBD infused coffee and CBD-infused tincures that you can add to your coffee. If you prefer a higher dosage, you can use both options together.

What are the benefits of hemp-infused coffee?

Heavy coffee drinkers know the price of drinking too much coffee can sometimes come with anxiety, a nervous stomach, and headaches. Introducing CBD to your coffee may help you manage the negative side effects that can come with drinking or consuming too much caffeine.

cup of coffee sitting on a deck with a plant in the background

How are CBD infused coffee beans made?

CBD-infused coffee beans are made using the natural oils from the coffee beans.

Heat is used to draw out the oils from the roasted coffee beans. Then full-spectrum CBD extract is combined with the natural oils from the coffee beans. Once the beans are cured, the beans draw their natural oils back in with the CBD extract.

We recommend brewing with a french press or with a stainless steel coffee filter to receive the maximum dosage of CBD.

cbd-infused coffee beans