Jenny’s Baked At Home Featured on 2 Chainz Most Expensivist

Jenny’s CBD on 2 Chainz Most Expensivist!

It’s been so hard keeping this a secret… but here it is!

I was recently featured on Most Expensivist, hosted by 2 Chainz! It aired June 17, 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Interested in the CBD happy box featured in the video? Read on to learn more about Jenny’s Baked At Home!

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to reach a whole new audience. What I want most is to share my story and help as many people as I can, and being featured on Vice’s TV show titled “Most Expensivest” hosted by 2 Chainz was an awesome opportunity to spread the word! Everyone deserves to be informed about the wonderful benefits of CBD.

Try Jenny’s Baked At Home CBD-Infused Products!

My products are healthy edible options like CBD coconut oil, made with natural and organic ingredients; different from many other edible CBD and cannabis-infused products out there. When you eat edibles for medicinal purposes, low sugar content is important. Too much sugar negatively impacts our bodies. And our bodies need both CBD and positive, healthy nourishment to function at their full potential. So having a CBD edible that’s also nourishing to the body is essential for achieving health & wellness. This all starts with using the right ingredients in the kitchen. Check out our CBD-infused olive oil.

I’m so proud to offer products to you that are delicious, nourishing, satisfying, and medicinal. And I’m so glad the world sees their value.

As for 2 Chainz… what a charmer!

Thank you all so much for your loyalty and continued support. And thank you for sharing this moment with me.

In Hemp + Happiness,

Jenny Argie

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