Recommended Dosages

Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream

500 mg’s full spectrum CBD

This pain-blasting powerhouse heals from the inside out. Extra Strength Omega Almond Pain Cream is layered with therapeutic elements – powerful full-spectrum hemp flower oil, essential omega fatty acids, and nourishing almond oil.

How to use:
Apply a dime size to sore muscles, joint pain, and skin conditions. For severe pain,
use 2-3 times a day, otherwise use as needed.

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Natural CBD Sexual Lubricant

Jenny’s CBD Lube is infused with potent botanicals, including oregano and peppermint oils. Oregano oil is renowned for its powerful healing properties. It helps reduce inflammation and pain, it is packed with antioxidants, and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Peppermint oil helps relieve discomfort, stimulate blood flow and intensify arousal with its tingling sensation.

How to use:
It can be used daily, a few drops, to hydrate and heal.

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All-in-One CBD Balm with Lemon & Basil

500 mg’s CBD

CBD Balm is made with full spectrum CBD Balm with Vitamin E, Avocado, Basil, and Lemon. I designed this healing balm for topical skin conditions
such as eczema, psoriasis but it can be used for extreme dry skin or an eye cream, lip balm or for cuts and burns. Do not let it sit around and not get used…your skin will heal and repair from it.

How to use:
Apply a dime size to dry skin or any irritated skin conditions. Use 2-3 times a day.

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CBD Ginger Tincure

500 mg’s 17 mg’s a full dropper

Potent infusion to reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

How to use:
One full dropper under tongue – typically, in the evening, to help relax the body, circulate and sleep better. Try to hold for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Keeping it at bedside. For high stress situation take a full dropper or two under tongue for a minute or two, swallow and
take 3 long deep breaths.

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CBD Tincture

300 mg’s
10mg per serving, 30 servings per bottle
This tincture is great to add to your favorite beverages. Not recommended under tongue. Potent tincture with Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.

How to use:
Add to coffee, smoothies, teas, water & more.
No psychoactive effects.

For high stress situation take a full dropper in liquid
and swallow. Take 3 long deep breaths.

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Aromatherapy CBD Bath Bomb

25mg of CBD per bath bomb

Aromatherapy Treatment – experience pure bliss when you soak in our CBD Aromatherapy Bath Bomb. Essential oils will flood your senses while you absorb beneficial CBD. The ultimate escape to rest, recovery, and relaxation.

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Premium Full-spectrum CBD Olive Oil

Full spectrum CBD 250 mgs

How to use:
1/2 teaspoon with dinner, this can be added to anything that would complement olive oil. Please do not cook with it, rather use it as a finishing oil. This product helps promote a better digestive track.

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Organic Full-spectrum CBD Coconut Oil

300 mg’s full spectrum CBD

How to use:
1 teaspoon with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This can be added to anything that would complement coconut oil. Please do not cook with it, rather use it as a finishing oil, or add it to a smoothie, coffee, tea, soup, or just spoon into mouth.

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Ultimate Gluten-Free CBD Brownie Mix

200 mg’s CBD isolate – 7 oz

Low brown-cane sugar.

How to use:
Use small cupcake tins and add mini cupcake cups. Use Jenny’s Baked at Home CBD infused coconut oil. Store in freezer after baking. Recommended to take at bedtime with a full dropper of Ginger Tincture or CBD Healing Tincture.

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Full-spectrum CBD Coffee (6oz)

130mg | 6oz | 177.5 mL
12-14mg of organic full-spectrum hemp (CBD) per cup
Single origin from Honduras. Sustainably sourced, Fair trade coffee beans. Small-batched roasted by Kos Kaffe in Brooklyn, NY. Rich, balanced and complex flavor.

How to use:
I recommend adding a teaspoon of Jenny’s baked at home coconut oil to a cup of Jenny’s CBD infused coffee daily, to start the day off with GREAT circulation!

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