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From our kitchen in Brooklyn, we’re on a quest to share the benefits of CBD & Plant-based Cooking.  You deserve to feel good.

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Quick Chicken Ragu Recipe!

Our recipe of the week is one of those dishes where everything is optional, because it’s built around things I always have (and hopefully you do to) in my fridge. This quick chicken ragu will only take about 20 minutes to make. And when you follow my recipe, the dish will be infused with about 30mg CBD, a perfect single dose! Enjoy 🙂

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'Food As Medicine'

Jenny here.  If you’re like me, I was sick of feeling sick.

I gave CBD a try.  Although it helped, I found the market is saturated with low-quality CBD.  As a believer in ‘food as medicine‘,  I couldn’t find quality products to incorporate into my cooking.  Everywhere I looked I found CBD gummies, artificially flavored CBD drinks, CBD edibles filled with processed junk. Ehh…no thank you!

I’m a problem-solver (I have three kids after all).  I formed a partnership with organic hemp farmers and extractors to create full-spectrum, organic hemp oil.  After using full-spectrum hemp oil with highly potent CBD, I was surprised. I felt rejuvenated.

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Jenny + 2 Chainz

Jenny’s Baked At Home was featured on Viceland’s TV show “Most Expensivest” hosted by 2 Chainz. The episode went live on June 17th, 2020!

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Yoga + CBD

One of the benefits of CBD it that it opens up circulation and the body can get oxygen that it normally doesn’t receive.  This is exactly what yoga does.  Combining yoga and CBD to my daily routine was something I saw as a necessity to living a more balanced life.

My nervous system was yearning for a reset.

In these times we live in, we are all yearning for a reset.

We are all yearning to relax, release, to heal.

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