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From our kitchen in Brooklyn, we’re on a quest to share the benefits of CBD & Plant-based Cooking.  You deserve to feel good. 

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Jenny's Baked at Home

'Food As Medicine'

Jenny here.  If you’re like me, I was sick of feeling sick.

I gave CBD a try.  Although it helped, I found the market is saturated with low-quality CBD.  As a believer in ‘food as medicine‘,  I couldn’t find quality products to incorporate into my cooking.  Everywhere I looked I found CBD gummies, artificially flavored CBD drinks, CBD edibles filled with processed junk. Ehh…no thank you!

I’m a problem-solver (I have three kids after all).  I formed a partnership with organic hemp farmers and extractors to create full-spectrum, organic hemp oil.  After using full-spectrum hemp oil with highly potent CBD, I was surprised. I felt rejuvenated.

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