Baked at Home was developed by Jenny Argie after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She created a line of healthy baking mixes designed specifically for those who want to embrace the natural healing properties found in whole plants by adding hemp products for the Kitchen, Body and Soul. Please check out our wonderful products and get in touch with Jenny anytime.

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We take healthy, natural foods and combine them with hemp oil to create unique products for maximized health benefits. Put simply, combining these ingredients makes them more powerful than each would be on their own.

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From delicious natural oils for cooking – olive, coconut and avocado – to mouth-watering baking mixes, all our food products are infused with hemp oil to maximize health benefits.


All our natural bath and beauty products are made with hemp oil, from our toothpaste to our luxurious creams and body washes to our pain-relieving tincture.


We believe in making time to chill out and enjoy life. That’s why we sell various hemp lifestyle products like tinctures, pain creams and other products to increase quality of life.

What Makes Our Products Special?

Our Products Are Infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Our products are made with extract from full-spectrum hemp, which contains the benefits of the hemp plant without other intoxicating ingredients sometimes associated with the plant. Put simply, our hemp extract does not get you high or have related side effects. Hemp oil is widely believed to have a large number of health and wellness benefits. These range from reducing nausea and inflammation to increased energy levels, and overall improved feelings of well-being.

Our Products Start with Nutritious Foods Perfectly Designed by Nature.

All our products are infused with foods perfectly designed by nature, hemp extract, and other natural ingredients. Some key ingredients used in our products include:

Aloe Vera Juice

Avocado Oil


Brown Rice Flour

Cacao Chocolate

Coconut Oil

Cranberry Powder

Dead Sea Salt

Flax Seed Oil

Green Tea

Pure Cane Sugar

Olive Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil


Witch Hazel

Our Products Are Compatible with Most Diets.

Our products are not only gluten-free, kosher and high in protein, but they contain no GMOs, corn, eggs, salt, shellfish or soy. They are compatible with the following diets:





Happy Customers

I am a retired US Army veteran with 22 years of service and three combat tours. I have had five abdominal surgeries since returning home from my last tour in Balad, Iraq, and have also been diagnosed with severe PTSD. The VA has assisted me with the injuries I sustained both physically and mentally, but Jenny Argie’s products from Baked at Home Company have helped more than anything I have received at the VA.

The hemp oil products I have taken addressed a swelling I had in my stomach lining to where I almost don’t have ANY swelling at all! The hemp oil tinctures are also a perfect remedy for the PTSD I suffer from. I strictly utilize the hemp oil tincture now and have nearly eliminated my anxiety. My mood is always up as well!!

Thank you so very much Jenny Argie and Baked at Home Company!! You’re the best!!


Retired US Army - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Jenny’s Baked @ Home has truly changed my life, not to mention the lives of friends and family! I am a 34-year-old woman with a very physical job as a wardrobe stylist. For 8+ years I have been contending with serious, debilitating chronic back problems. A spoonful of the coconut oil in my coffee each morning has brought me unprecedented relief from experiencing pain all day long. I also cook with this product, use it as garnish, and add it into baked goods. Apart from muscle pain, I have had a lot of success with menstrual cramps, headaches, and bouts of mild depression. I am so blown away by the results, that I literally bought a tub of it for every member of my family.

I am also a HUGE fan of the tinctures. I put several drops in a glass of water, and instantaneously feel my muscles loosen and my mood lift. The Hemp Oil pain cream has also been a true gift. I rub it on my shoulders when they are sore, apply it to bruises and cystic acne, and use it on my tendinitis. Again, it’s honestly crazy how well it works!

Liz from Brooklyn

Art Director, Stylist

I gained 20 pounds from a combination of three things: peri-menopause, stress and a very small dose of a widely used anti-depressant. I took the anti depressant to help with outbursts over seemingly little things. These outbursts would come on with very little notice and were negatively affecting my relationships with my family.

I decided to give Baked at Home Company’s brownie mix and Hemp-infused coconut oil a try. As soon as I feel my blood pressure begin to rise, I have a small brownie. One brownie takes the edge off. Plus, I can still function well and my family enjoys spending time with me. Yay!

Thank you Baked at Home Co.!

Jackie from Nashville

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