Café au Lait Box: Decadent CBD Collection


This decadent CBD collection is seductively delightful. Sip a hot cup of CBD coffee in the morning, create culinary delights with coconut oil, and indulge in CBD brownies for dessert.

Café au Lait Box includes:

  • High quality refined, organic coconut oil (300mg of CBD per jar)
  • CBD brownie mix (12-14mg of CBD per brownie bite)
  • Premium Elemental CBD coffee (12-14mg of CBD per cup, 6oz bag)

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Truly something to wake up for…or have with dessert! Single-origin, sustainably sourced, fair trade, Honduran coffee beans are small-batch roasted by Kos Kaffe in Brooklyn, New York, then infused with Jenny’s organic full-spectrum hemp.

Coconut oil’s versatility is unparalleled. Jenny’s refined, organic full-spectrum CBD coconut oil is rich in MCTs (healthy fats). It’s loaded with beneficial full-spectrum hemp. It’s both food grade and therapeutic grade so you can maximize your benefits and uses! Or, if you’re particularly in a fun mood…add coconut oil to the CBD brownie mix for hot-melty-chocolatey-rich goodness. Pair it with hot deliciously balanced CBD coffee.


  • Coffee: 1 cup a day
  • Coconut Oil: 1 tablespoon a day
  • Brownie Mix: 1 mini brownie bite at night

Suggested Recipes

You must try The Ultimate Gluten-Free Brownies recipe here! Make the Brownies in the mini tin, use the JBAH Co. Coconut oil. You can freeze the surplus! The Brownie bites can also be made into mini cupcakes and enjoyed with our fair trade Coffee.

Coconut Oil Recipes:
Coconut Lime Rice
CBD Infused Ginger Carrot Soup

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